People hear the term “PR” and often think…

It’s sleazy, scammy, shallow, expensive,

or just something for celebrities & billion-dollar brands

– not for small business owners or “regular people.” 

But that’s not the case.

“Doing PR” simply means…

Building relationships + getting people excited about your company/business & whatever you’re selling.

In my world, we do…

PR with Heart®

– it’s the beat.

Which means publicity that comes from…

a place of excitement, passion & a genuine desire to make the world a better place. 

Even with just fifteen minutes a day & five dollars to invest,

you can use publicity to get EXPOSURE + make an IMPACT. 

We’re based in New York and specialize in events, media outreach, celebrity dressing & seeding placements, Hispanic PR, and Instagram engagement.

We’re experts at pouring love into campaigns for purpose-driven brands that think, feel, smile, and feel more connected!

What makes us different?

PR with Heart®

About our kind of publicity:

It’s the kind where…

You’re calling mom cause, Hey! – You’re on TV.

And you’re working with publicists that are alllll

about love + positivity + meaningful convos and connections, and ZERO sleaze.

It’s PR that goes beyond the ‘spray and pray’ when reaching out to the press…

That’s more than just about getting Instagram ‘likes’…

And, oh good god, MAIL MERGING –*cringe*

It’s about promoting your WHY to the world through heart-centered publicity.


About our Values:

Hugging: gives you all the feels

Upleveling: opening yourself in a way you wouldn’t otherwise

Heart: it’s the beat

Shine: making your crazy and uniqueness discoverable

PR with Heart®

About Our Founder

I’m Tanya Rivas, and I’ve worked as a publicity consultant, media strategist, Instagram engagement specialist, events expert, and founded the publicity practice, PR with Heart®.

I help clients globally get into the public eye, get more exposure, and all while making it feel heart-full to get insanely discovered.

With a successful track record of working on award-winning campaigns with top-notch teams, (including at some of the top conglomerate agencies in the world), I’ve supported clients in a wide range of industries. I’ve also supported on large-scale events such as:

  • SuperGirl Pro
  • SuperGirl Snow Pro
  • Catalina Film Festival
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Miami Swim Week
  • Runway shows in Southern California at the California Mart, Pool Trade Show, HD Buttercup, The Standard Hotel, Broadway Pier, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Hard Rock Hotel, and W Hotel
  • In the summer, I’ve produced a summer music series for McDonald’s in Southern California

I continue to be invited to speak about publicity. I’ve presented at San Diego State University on the role of events in fashion public relations, at business meetups on how to get publicity for your brand, and I’ve provided career advice to aspiring publicists on what it’s really like to work at fashion week. I also contribute on public relations topics on PR Couture (#5 Global PR Blog, Top 50 PR Brands).

When not helping my clients, I namastay on my yoga mat, laugh at stand-up comedy shows, ride stationary bikes in the dark to beats, wear jumpsuits that complicate bathroom runs, and read books endlessly as I drink hoitey toitey cold-pressed juice.

Need some help with your PR?

You’re in luck because we have some great packages that give you

PR with Heart®



1. Showroom PR for Celebrity Dressing & Seeding

2. Media Outreach (with Money-Back Guarantee), Events Support & Social Media

3. On-Call, Speedy Support for Agencies

4. Growth On Instagram AND Landing Brand Deals

5. Consulting. Just You & Me

6. Learning to Use Publicity to Share Your WHY with the World

Shine in our Showroom

We’re a boutique showroom that puts in the time that big brands don’t.  We offer celebrity dressing and seeding publicity that has the power to increase your sales more successfully and economically than traditional advertising. There’s a red-carpet event just about every weekend, and they’re a tremendous way to get your brand shining in front of millions of viewers.

Get Your Publicity Wishlist Han-deled

Whether you’re a business, brand, or an agency looking for creative consulting or on-call, go-to support with your accounts, we’ll churn out quick turnarounds on essentials for your in-the-spotlight moments. We’ll do it with a few of our favorite things:

—  special events
—  PR and social media calendars
—  pitch letters
—  press releases
—  media outreach
—  positioning you as a leader in your industry
—  creating interviewing strategy for broadcast, satellite radio & podcast tours
—  Hispanic-specific strategies

#Winning on Instagram

This popular Instagram engagement service was created because we believe that who cares if you have 500,000 followers when only 2,000 of them are genuinely excited, engaged and supporting what you share online. No bots, no fads, no gimmicks, just organic growth & engagement. When your audience feels as though they’re part of your brand, and not just a consumer, you’ll create a more active brand and audience. You’ll be #Winning!

One-On-One Consulting Sessions

It’s a 60-minute paid consultation. Just you and me. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an industry leader, this jam-packed hour-long session will get all of your questions answered, give you the scoop on the most costly mistakes to avoid, and what REALLY works for getting you in the public eye even if you don’t know anyone.

Your Investment: $150 


VIP Days

You’ve got an amazing story, and the one-time investment of a VIP day will give you the access to take advantage of our expertise. Media is the BIGGEST influencer in the world. If you’re wanting publicity, and would rather learn how to do it yourself, then we’ll teach you how to generate leads and sales with a top, filled-with-heart program.

Laser Beams Shine on Clients. As Seen On:

PR with Heart®


Our rockstar international roster of clients have been doing publicity with heart, and they’re happy, and they told us so. But really, we think they should charge cold hard cash to let us bask in their glory:

"I loved working with Tanya and PR with Heart. She came through on everything that she said she would. Not only did we get press coverage, but she helped us design the pitch that positioned ourselves in a different light for our company. On a truncated timetable, she was able to get us press within days of working with her. The media outlets she put us in touch with had such a deep relationship with Tanya that they reached out to write about us again, and got multiple press hits from a single outlet because of the relationships. We couldn’t have done it without PR with Heart!"
James B.
Founder & CEO / Outland Denim
"Tanya's efforts resulted in our company's product getting featured in a national digital publication! Being an indie beauty brand, we were absolutely delighted to receive the exposure. She is a true pro!"
Lisa M.
Owner/President / Seriously FAB
"I'm so incredibly lucky to have come across Tanya Rivas and her PR services. We're currently working with clients in New York, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Miami and Atlanta. As soon as I reached out to Tanya, she was able to create in depth media lists for each of these markets by including the exact target audiences and media outlets we requested. We've gotten press for our clients in multiple publications because of these. Tanya is truly one of the most reliable, honest and supportive publicists I know so I'm constantly recommending her services. It's evident that she's truly passionate about PR and that's the most important quality I look for in this industry."
Susset C.
CEO & Founder / Peacock Public Relations
"Tanya has become an invaluable member of our NYFW show team. When you want to turn off the "worry" switch, you hire Tanya."
Lori R.
Girl Boss / The Riviere Agency
“Tanya is a genius at social media strategy. She knows what it takes to build a strong following with high levels of engagement from your target demographic. Because numbers simply aren't enough anymore. If you're looking for a genuine and authentic following (and not just wanting high numbers so you "look" instagram famous), Tanya is the obvious choice.”
Bri S.
“Tanya came in at a time when we needed an extra pair of hands to move a series of events forward quickly. She was organized, brought good ideas to the table and helped us deliver great results for our client. Her help and insights were really appreciated!”
Sarah S.
“Working with Tanya gave me a peace of mind that I could do anything. She made everything that seemed far out of my reach reachable. Her fun, easy style granted me the creative liberty to be undeniably me and get paid for it! I owe her my start in the "public eye" and have never been the same since.​”
Katie B.
"Tanya is reliable, flexible, and always switched 'On.' I can always ensure that the job will be completed on time. Tanya is ALWAYS ready for new projects, and goes above and beyond to incorporate new ideas, partnerships, and social "trends."
Larissa M.
"Tanya's support in engaging my audience has been game changing. Her understanding of my mission & vision, and her natural talent for seeking out and sparking connection, has given me a momentum that I couldn't have reached without her. Her professionalism, expertise and fun spirit is a dream to work with. I highly recommend Instagram-ess services for anyone who wants to take their online party to the next level."
Krista K.
We LOVE creating publicity that gives you all the feels.

If that’s you – the hugging type, tenaciously upleveling, wanting to shine by making your crazy and uniqueness discoverable, and if you’re filled with heart…

Then we gotta talk about how we’re about to change things up.

Although I have a rockstar assistant, I respond to each e-mail personally. Give us a ping at


(424) 254-8317


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